BridgeStreet is the one-of-a-kind online extended-stay travel booking platform specifically designed for business travel anywhere in the world. 

What sets BridgeStreet apart from other websites that help extended stay travelers book global accommodations?
BridgeStreet’s easy to use platform allows you to search, request, and book extended stay accommodations via both desktop and mobile devices. Our proprietary technology can be customized to meet your company’s unique needs and policies and can even be integrated into your systems.

Can BridgeStreet help business travelers make the most of off-work time in a new city or country?
Absolutely! In fact, the “total travel experience” is a key part of the BridgeStreet philosophy. That’s why our properties are located in vibrant, iconic neighborhoods, close to public transit options, cultural attractions, shopping, dining and recreation, so you can really live like a local. 

What typical amenities do BridgeStreet serviced apartments offer?
These BridgeStreet accommodations are completely furnished, and include but are not limited to: modern and fully-equipped kitchens (or kitchenettes in extended-stay hotels), air conditioning, kitchen utensils, plates, wine and water glasses, oven mitt and dish towel, coffee machine, salt and pepper grinders, hairdryer, iron and ironing board, vacuum, television with cable package, Wifi, in-unit washer and dryer (depending on location), laundry detergent, and bi-weekly housekeeping. If requested, custom packages are available. Many of our properties offer resort-like amenities such as fitness facilities, swimming pools and business centers.

What is the difference between a BridgeStreet serviced apartment and an extended-stay hotel?
BridgeStreet serviced apartments are typically 700 square feet/75 sq meters or larger. Comparatively, extended stay hotels typically consist of 350 square feet/35 sq meters of living space. While extended stay hotels offer studio kitchens and 1-2 rooms, serviced apartments typically feature 3-5 rooms including complete kitchens, in apartment laundry, and home-like décor and furnishings.

Does BridgeStreet require a minimum stay at any of its properties?
We accommodate guests for all lengths of stay. Our “benchmark” is 7+ nights, and up to 3 years depending on location, availability and local restrictions, but we can also accommodate business travelers for as few as 2 nights.

How will I be billed?
You will receive monthly billing that includes rent for the coming month plus any extra charges for the past month, such as long distance telephone. If you pay by credit card, your account will automatically be charged at the beginning of every month and you will receive an invoice showing the specific charges.

Can you bill my company?
Yes. Many of our guests have their monthly bills sent directly to their company. In order to do this however, your company must establish credit with BridgeStreet.

How does my company establish an account with BridgeStreet?
Upon completion of a credit application, we will perform a credit check with your company. Once this process has been completed, we will contact your company to establish direct billing.

Why do you need my credit card if my company is being billed directly?
Every guest is required to provide a valid credit card number and expiration date at the time the reservation is requested, regardless of whether or not their company is being billed. The credit card will be used to guarantee payment for any incidentals, charges not accepted by your company or in the event your company declines the invoice. If your company does decline an invoice, we will notify you before charging your credit card.

What is the BridgeStreet Satisfaction Guarantee?
We promise your keys will be delivered on time, your apartment will be clean and comfortable, and your Internet service will be ready to connect you with your life. If we can't fix any problems by midnight, your first night is free and any subsequent night is 50% off, until the problem is resolved. Our Satisfaction Guarantee is valid for the day of arrival for stays of seven nights or more at BridgeStreet managed, leased, and franchised properties. 

How do I make a reservation?
Making a reservation is easy. Simply book online or call our global reservation centers to speak to a BridgeStreet associate who can assist you in making a reservation. You can also book a serviced apartment online with our 'Book an Apartment' feature or by first locating your destination by browsing all locations.