Learning the History and Culture of Liverpool

While you’re at short-stay housing in Liverpool, be sure to check out the Museum of Liverpool for a taste of local culture and historical significance!

Liverpool Waterfront

While you’re lodging at short-stay housing in Liverpool, you’ll probably be craving experiences beyond the local shops and restaurants. The Museum of Liverpool delivers incredible background on the city and how its rich history has shaped the exciting place it is now. With collections of items of costumes and decorative art to objects from urban and social movements, the museum tells the story of the city and its people.

With classes and interactive segments for those of all ages from children to grandparents, the museum’s collections and galleries offer plenty of amusement, entertainment, and educational enrichment for the whole family. The museum’s displays are segmented into four main themes:

  1. The Great Port

    Explore Liverpool’s transformation from a small tidal inlet to one of the world’s greatest ports. Learn about the docks and how they manage imports and exports, Liverpool’s role during the Industrial Revolution, and how the area became the first inter-city railway in the world.

  2. Global City

    Take a tour of the city’s past by learning about its beginnings and how those influences impact the city today. Learn about Liverpool’s role in global commerce, check out relics from the past that explain the culture’s backbone, and explore its growth over the decades.

  3. People’s Republic

    Personal testimonies bring the city to life as you navigate this gallery; hear true tales of those that had a hand in shaping the city’s current culture, and witness the social progression over the centuries. Come full circle as you navigate these tales for a thorough understanding of its transformation and development.

  4. Wondrous Place
    This is the segment of the museum that introduces all the artistic influences and pop culture icons that made Liverpool a household name. The collection includes features on musicians, authors, athletes, performers, and celebrities alike that have made a cultural impact on the city.

Next time you find yourself at short-stay housing in Liverpool, make it a necessity to visit the Museum of Liverpool for an exciting journey of discovery and progression!