The Most Unique Monuments in Liverpool

Need more to see in the U.K.? Come check out these unique monuments minutes away from holiday apartments in Liverpool!

In one of the U.K.’s most culturally diverse destinations, you will not be disappointed in your travels to holiday apartments in Liverpool. The heart of the city boasts culinary, artistic, and visually-appealing attractions to invite and excite visitors of all interests. Among the sites to see in the area are the distinct statues and institutions placed strategically throughout the city. Make sure to stop and see some of the most unique monuments Liverpool has to offer! 

A fan of The Beatles? You came to the right place! With several installations in the area, the iconic group is represented in every form, from lyrics to activism. Of the most visited stops are The Beatles statue, which was recently unveiled on the Liverpool waterfront, and the Eleanor Rigby statue located on Stanley Street. In 2010, The John Lennon European Peace monument was unveiled at the Kings Dock on what would have been Lennon’s 70th birthday. Adorned with doves, a white feather and music notes, the piece aims at recognizing Lennon’s promotion of world peace through his words and music.

Seeing its share of doomed passenger liners, Liverpool is home to monuments and placards memorializing one of the world’s worst non-military maritime disasters. The Memorial to the Engine Room Heroes of the Titanic is located on St. Nicholas Place at the Liverpool Pier Head, which was the home port of the ill-fated ship. Constructed in 1916, just four years after the sinking, the site is expressly dedicated to the engineers who lost their lives on the Titanic, but has also come to commemorate the lives of engineers lost during all maritime engine room fatalities incurred during World War I. Shrapnel from bombs that fell during World War II can be seen around the structure.

Completed in 1906, The Queen Victoria monument was built over the former site of the Liverpool Castle at Derby Square. Featuring 26 bronze figures surrounding a 14.5-foot statue of Queen Victoria, the monument exhibits four distinct groupings that represent agriculture, commerce, industry and education; causes which were promoted during her reign over the British Empire. It is called one of the most ambitious monuments dedicated to the queen.

The Noel Chavasse VC and Bar Memorial Statue is one of sixteen memorials recorded by the UK National Inventory of War Memorials dedicated to the fallen World War I hero. In 1916, Noel Chavasse, a surgeon-lieutenant, saved the lives of more than 20 men from no-man’s land under heavy fire. For those actions, he was awarded his first Victoria Cross. The second was awarded posthumously in 1917, following his continuation in rescuing and treating men during conflict in Belgium, though mortally wounded himself.

Make sure your cameras are charged and your walking shoes are on when you visit these sites or the dozens more outstanding attractions located near holiday apartments in Liverpool.