Discovering the World Museum

Cultural attractions near serviced apartments in Liverpool abound. Whether you’re in town for business or pleasure, be sure to check out the city’s ample offerings.

Liverpool Waterfront

Visiting one of the U.K.’s best cultural destinations, whether for business or pleasure, is sure to be a memorable experience. From museums to world-class shopping, Liverpool is frequented by guests from around the world all year-round.  If you’re in town for holiday or have a schedule packed with client meetings, taking some time to explore the city’s ample cultural offerings is crucial.

Our serviced apartments in Liverpool are conveniently located in the historical district with plenty of shopping, dining, and sight-seeing options. Additionally, waterfront scenery and tons of museum options offer a wide range of opportunities to learn more about the area you’re occupying for a short or long stay. One of the must-see attractions in Liverpool is The World Museum.

The World Museum

Located just minutes via car from serviced apartments in Liverpool, the World Museum is a destination for all ages and interests. As the oldest museum and gallery in Liverpool, the World Museum offers a variety of exhibits and collections to pique every interest. It offers a full aquarium, a planetarium, and even a bug house for those looking for signs of active life and interaction. There’s a dinosaur exhibit for those looking to relive the prehistoric era, a discovery centre that offers computerized interaction to simulate virtual experiences, and even a live theatre experience involving dance, music, and even video conferences that link you to other people all over the world.

If you’re looking to travel through history, their Space and Time exhibition details the scientific progression of discovery and education. Stop into the Ancient Egypt collection to view mummies, tomb equipment, and architecture from the period. The museum’s Kouklia, Ancient Cyprus antiquities collection features items recovered from various tombs as well as sculptures discovered at an ancient excavation site.

Survived by endless natural events and even World War II, the World Museum offers much more than just these curated exhibits. It provides a hushed respect for mankind and its growth, a preserved appreciation for those that have come before us, and a piece of humility for what our future holds as a human race. For a taste of culture that remains intact and somewhat frozen in time, Liverpool and its World Museum offers an experience incapable of being found anywhere else in the world.