5 Things You Must See on a Tour of Buckingham Palace

It can seem like there’s so much to do and so much to see while you’re staying in short-stay apartments in London. If Buckingham Palace is on your list, here’s what to see.

London Tea

When you find yourself staying in short-stay apartments in London, scheduling a tour of Buckingham Palace is an absolute must. A historical landmark to the country, as well as the world, Buckingham Palace is a cultural and architectural icon. Here’s a quick rundown of the top five sites to check out while you’re visiting the very residence of Her Majesty!

  1. The State Rooms
    Absolutely make sure this is the first on your list to see, as these locations are where the royal family entertains visitors, and in fact, several of these rooms were used for the Royal Wedding reception for William and Kate! All the rooms are decorated in lavish fashion, sure to make you truly feel you’re amongst royalty!

  2. The Garden
    With over 39 acres, this outdoor space is home to over 300 types of wildflowers, approximately 200 trees, and a lake that spans over three acres. The gardens might look a bit familiar to you, as it’s where The Queen holds her annual Garden Parties, which are often filled with other members of the royal family.

  3. The Grand Staircase
    For another timeless London treasure, be sure to visit this impressive focal point of Buckingham Palace. Lit by a glass dome in the ceiling, the staircase’s intricate bronze casting will have you looking closely at all the patterns sculpted within the design. Completed in 1830, the Grand Staircase has truly withstood the test of time — and true royal treatment!

  4. The Throne Room
    A visitors’ favorite, this is the room that holds all the thrones that are used for ceremonial and celebratory occasions. It might also be recognizable since this is the backdrop for many of the royal wedding photos, including our current Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

  5. Garden Café and Garden Shop
    It can’t get any more royal-esque than tea and pastries after your tour, so rest your feet and indulge in some classic English treats and refreshments. The Garden Shop also offers a wide variety of royal souvenirs, most of which are inspired by the very works of art in the Royal Collection.

    Don’t miss the chance to visit a celebrated and cultural icon at Buckingham Palace during your visit to short-stay apartments in London!