Exploring Kyoto Garden

Staying in a short-term flat rental in London? Be sure to get out and take in the beauty of Kyoto Garden while you’re in town.

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Japanese and British culture fuse at Kyoto Garden — to create a breathtakingly beautiful backdrop. 

If you've been cooped up in your short-term flat rental in London and are feeling like you need to commune with Mother Nature, plan a trip to Holland Park. The park is among London's many horticultural gems; though not as expansive as some of the city's other vast green spaces, Holland Park packs a lot of punch into a small package. Throughout the park, youngsters play sports, joggers wind their way down paths and sunbathers soak up the rays.

But if it's serenity you're looking for, head straight to the center of Holland Park for Kyoto Garden. Opened in 1991, the park within a park was a gift from the Chamber of Commerce of Japan to celebrate London's Japan Festival. It was crafted in the likeness of Japan's famed gardens by a Japanese designer, who worked with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to develop the project.

The beauty of the space is undeniable. Flowering trees of many sizes, shapes and varieties are arranged throughout the garden. The sloping hills provide layers upon layers of color, which change throughout the year. Visitors spending some time at a short-stay apartment in London are able to see the many hues of the plants and trees as they shift with the weather.      

The greenery is supported and enhanced by a picturesque pond and waterfall, themselves a tribute to Japanese heritage; the contrast of the rushing water and the solid stone over which it flows is meant to symbolize the Japanese concept of yin and yang: A stone bridge cuts right through the middle of the water, letting visitors stroll through or even sit and relax amid the scenery. While the floral backdrop is modeled after Japanese gardens, there are also a number of other authentic nods to Japanese culture. Several stone structures are emblazoned with Japanese symbols, and four intricately carved stone lanterns are scattered throughout the park. The nearby and newer Fukushima Garden also embraces Japanese culture, with winding paths, plentiful hydrangea bushes and memorials including a bench commemorating the recent victims of a Japanese earthquake.  

Kyoto Garden is a relaxing respite that transports visitors right from the middle of the hustle and bustle of London into a picturesque peacefulness. Whether you’re yearning for some green space or are interested in learning more about Japanese culture, Kyoto Garden both educates and entertains just minutes from your short-term flat rental in London.