Must-See Exhibits at the National Aquarium

Explore the National Aquarium near short-term rentals in Baltimore. Here are some must-see exhibits to see when you’re in town.

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If you’re in town for a few days, a week, or longer, one of the most thrilling attractions near short-term rentals in Baltimore is the National Aquarium. Featuring more than 750 species, Baltimore’s National Aquarium was opened in 1981 and welcomes 1.5 million visitors each year. Named one of the best aquariums in the country, this enchanting attraction is home to a few must-see exhibits. It’s recommended that you spend an entire day exploring the facility, but if you have a just a few hours to spare, here’s what you can’t miss:

Blacktip Reef

One of the most stunning exhibits at the National Aquarium is the 265,000-gallon display replicating an Indo-Pacific reef landscape. This award-winning exhibit features a variety of animals and fish including blacktip reef sharks, tasseled wobbegongs, a 500-pound green sea turtle, and honeycomb stingrays. Though the coral in the exhibit may look real it’s all handcrafted. The 3,000 pieces of coral were created from molds of real coral skeletons. If you don’t get to see enough of the reef, the aquarium features a live webcam for 24-hour enjoyment.

Dolphin Discovery

The largest exhibit in the aquarium is home to a colony of seven Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. Opening in 1990, this expansive exhibit showcases the daily life of a dolphin. The exhibit is home to five females and two males – all of which were either born at the National Aquarium or zoological park. The oldest dolphin in the exhibit, 44-year-old Nani, passed away in early 2017 after living at the aquarium since Dolphin Discovery opened. In addition to the animals, Dolphin Discovery employs 13 marine mammal specialists providing extensive information on the beautiful creatures.

Upland Tropical Rain Forest

The world- renowned Upland Tropical Rain Forest exhibit is home to a collection of plants and animals that are native to quickly disappearing habitats across the world. Featuring monkeys, sloths, frogs, birds, and more, this exhibit invites visitors to experience a tropical rain forest right near short-term rentals in Baltimore. In addition, it features thousands of tropical plants that one may not otherwise be able to encounter.

If you’re looking for a place to explore while you’re in town, or even somewhere to hold an event, the National Aquarium is perfect.