5 Fun Facts About the Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is one of New York City’s most iconic architectural designs, so during your extended stay in Midtown Manhattan be sure to check it out!

New York City

While you’re staying in Midtown Manhattan for an extended-stay, it’s imperative to visit one of New York City’s most iconic and treasured buildings. What once was the tallest building in the world before others started to literally “top” it, the Empire State Building serves as a symbol for New York City and is one of the top destinations for tourists as well as cultural references within films, televisions shoes, and even music. Here are just a few quick bite-sized facts about this timeless skyscraper.

  1. The Empire State Building has its own zip code!
    There are 176 zip codes in New York City, but because there are so many businesses that reside in the building, it has its very own!

  2. There’s an Empire State Building Wedding Club

    Every year, couples that get married on Valentine’s Day on the 80th floor become members. The perks? Each year on their anniversary, they get free admission to the observatory.

  3. Speaking of electricity…

    Due to the high static electricity at the top of the building, couples will often see sparks when they kiss!

  4. The colored lights actually mean something!

    The floodlights at the top of the building will correspond to a timely occasion, such as a holiday, a political election, a New York sports team’s home game, or even to honor a national tragedy. As technology has progressed and improved over the years, so has the building’s lighting. Now it hosts light shows synchronized with music, and it even has the capability to utilize social media to influence its colors.

  5. All in one view…
    From the building’s observatories on a clear day, you can actually see five different states at once: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Talk about feeling on top of the world!

Next time you’re in town for an extended stay in Midtown Manhattan, be sure to see what other fun factoids you can discover on your visit to the Empire State Building!