Attractions Off the Beaten Path in Times Square

Take a break from the hustle of Times Square with these tucked-away treasures near short-stay apartments in Times Square. These hidden gems are sure to delight!

New York City

New York City is a hub for business professionals, artists, travelers, and those just simply looking for a bit of excitement. Times Square is often the centerpiece of the city, attracting curious minds from all over the world. Staying in this area of action is incredibly pricey and overwhelmingly crowded with visitors, and despite the reason for your stay, this can greatly affect the quality of your visit. Our short-stay apartments in Times Square offer quiet, private independent living spaces with private bathrooms and kitchens as well as full bedrooms and secure entrances to enhance the quality of your stay.

Regardless of the reason of your stay in New York City, it can be very easy to fall into the “tourist traps” and visit all the sites everyone sees on TV and in the movies. It’s nearly impossible to catch all the hidden gems in the heart of Times Square, but there are great things to do and see in this area that won’t be drowning in tourists. When you return home, everyone will expect to hear about your time on Broadway, your selfies with the Naked Cowboy, and that time you saw Rockefeller Center, but no one will expect to hear these stories about your trips to these wonderful secrets of the Big Apple.

Jimmy’s Corner, Novelty Bar, Times Square

For an authentic peek into the glory days of boxing and its celebrated icons, check out this tucked-away dive bar on 44th Street. Take a break from the flashy lights of Times Square and enjoy the comfort of affordable drinks and the familiarity of a reliable jukebox.

Lambs Club, Restaurant/Jazz Club, Midtown

If you’re looking for a fine meal as well as some musical entertainment, be sure to check out The Lambs Club. Running since 1905, it’s for sure one of Midtown’s greatest and most beloved treasures. Today the restaurant is curated by Chef Geoffrey Zakarian.

Urbanspace Vanderbilt, Food Hall, Grand Central

If you’re into variety, Urbanspace Vanderbilt is an excellent option for finding eclectically curated cuisines, sure to satisfy any picky eater’s palate. Conveniently located just outside of Grand Central, this “food hub” is a must for those looking to sample just a little bit of everything to get the “full experience.”

The Drama Bookshop, Midtown

Looking to pick up some reading material to enjoy at short-stay apartments in Times Square? Welcome to The Drama Bookshop. This unique shop features vintage décor and a wealth of resources related to the craft of acting. From plays to libretti and thespian biographies to diatribes on acting technique, you’ll find something dramatic and entertaining everywhere you look at The Drama Bookshop.