The Beauty of Center City Parks

The beauty of Philadelphia abounds near furnished apartments in Center City and beyond. Discover some of the city’s most beautiful spots this summer.

Flowers at Park

With a city as large and bustling as Philadelphia, one might think green spaces in the City of Brotherly Love are at a premium. However, Philadelphia places a surprising emphasis on its park system, even near furnished apartments in Center City and the busy corporate area of downtown.  

Philadelphia is home to more than 11,000 acres of parkland. In the downtown area, public parks can be found every few blocks, offering a shady respite in the sizzling summers and a picturesque winter wonderland in the colder Philly months.       

Many of the parks are rife with history, too. In one of the nation’s oldest and most historic cities, it’s fitting that its parks have their own unique histories. When William Penn set out to build the infrastructure of Philadelphia, he envisioned the city as being anchored by five parks, which are all still in operation today. Washington Square is among the most storied of the parks; it was once a burial ground for Revolutionary War soldiers and victims of the Yellow Fever epidemic, with an untold number of Philadelphians still buried under the park. Today, it is home to a monument to the Revolutionary War soldiers and is a popular resting place for tourists, who relax among the benches and plan their next stop on their tour through the historic district.       

A few blocks away, Logan Circle provides some of the most iconic views of the city. From here, you can take pictures with the legendary Love Statue, glimpse the expansive parkway leading up the Philadelphia Museum of Art that has hosted international concerts and more recently the pope and kick back by the newly renovated fountain. Though the park dates back several centuries, it provides a picture-perfect look at life in Philly today.       

Just steps from Logan Circle is The Arch, premiere furnished apartments in Center City, which provides the best of both worlds: modern amenities in a sleek and urban-chic setting, right by some of the city’s most beautiful and historic parks. The serviced apartments embrace the history of Philly, with stunning architecture that transports guests back to a different time, while the stylish surrounding makes visitors feel at home.       

Once you’re settled into your short-stay apartment, grab some sunblock and sneakers and head out to explore. Within a few blocks of The Arch, you can enjoy the renowned urban architecture, situated right next to expansive horticultural gems in the city’s parks. Philadelphia is a city of both history and innovation, and its beautiful parks demonstrate that.