Exploring Reading Terminal Market

Looking for local flavor with a twist? Explore the Reading Terminal Market near medical corporate housing around Hahnemann Hospital.


While there are many things to do within the streets of Philadelphia, one of the best places to visit near medical corporate housing around Hahnemann Hospital is the historic Reading Terminal Market. A vast collection of flavors and treats, it is the city spot to visit for locally grown and exotic produce, Amish specialties, handmade confections, fresh meats and cheeses, and so much more.

Purchased in 1890 by the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company, 1110 Market Street was to be used for the company’s new city terminal. When merchants refused to move from the space, construction began on a market located under the railroad station. By 1913, Reading Terminal Market advertised itself as the “Source of Main Food Supply of Philadelphia and Adjacent Territory,” providing 250 specialty dealers and 100 local farmers with vendor space.

After World War II, the market saw a decline in supply from dealers and demand from customers, leaving the space to fall into disrepair. Following new local and federal regulations to improve food safety increased the cost of business, Reading Terminal Market declared bankruptcy in 1971 and was only 20 percent occupied by 1979. 

A reawakening of Philadelphia’s commercial center and growing interest in local, specialty foods in the earlier 1980s brought the market back from the edge, filling it with lunch counters, artisanal food dealers, and local goodies. Today, Reading Terminal Market is one of the nation’s most successful public markets with more than 75 independent small businesses that have been featured on the Food Network and the Travel Channel, among other media outlets. 

With more than one hundred thousand visitors every week, the gastronomic bazaar offers everything from fresh eggs, milk, meat, and produce to homemade crafts, jewelry, and clothing. Whether you’re new to the Philadelphia area or returning home, Reading Terminal Market will entice every taste bud near medical corporate housing surrounding Hahneman Hospital.