BridgeStreet Continues to Disrupt the Global Extended Stay Travel Accommodation Industry

January 17, 2019

2018 was a year of redefining the extended stay, 7+ night business travel category by BridgeStreet, the leading global travel platform of extended stay accommodations. The company’s pace of innovation and disruption in the extended stay global business travel industry shows  signs of acceleration in the new year. One of the most significant recent developments at BridgeStreet is the launch of an upgraded self-serviced booking platform that continuously sources extended stay accommodations through their innovative product line, Six Ways to Stay™.

Over the last year BridgeStreet has been quietly curating urban-area business travel and vacation rentals. Through strategic partnerships, BridgeStreet offers curated urban rental properties in excess of 80,000+ in the globe’s most sought-after cities. This allows business travelers and travel managers to book every aspect of an extended stay travel assignment through one, easy, continuously-sourcing, online booking platform and the BridgeStreet product line, Six Ways to Stay™. This experience enables corporate travel managers, clients and business travelers to book professionally-operated Extended Stay Hotels, Hotels, Furnished Homes, Urban/Resort Vacation Rentals, Serviced Apartments and Design-led Hostels under one roof on 

The company continues to refine BridgeStreet’s business travel mobile app, which allows users to search and compare extended stay accommodations in nearly 23,000 cities across 130+ countries, filtering by locations, dates, property types and prices. The app’s secure login function lets multiple users from the same organization search and book global travel options even more quickly, from any mobile device. The app also supports single sign-in options for enterprises and has a convenient shortcut to 24/7/365 customer support. As with all other BridgeStreet applications and interfaces, pricing is transparent to users, and all properties are BridgeStreet’s satisfaction guaranteed. Corporate travelers and travel managers can tailor the app-driven booking hub to comply with their company’s travel policies and budget parameters solving a major pain point.

We are forever committed to product advancement as we are defining an entire category of 7+ night extended business stays globally.
“We are forever committed to product advancement as we are defining an entire category of 7+ night extended business stays globally. Improvements in mobile capabilities and access to more choices and sophisticated urban dwellings are simply a response to the evolving demand of today’s modern business traveller.” said BridgeStreet’s President and CEO, Sean Worker. “BridgeStreet is excited about 2019 being another banner year of technology development and unique client solutions.”