Housing Near the U.S. Capitol

Serviced apartments in Washington DC are conveniently located near the U.S. Capitol. Explore the area and more!

White House

Whether you’re in town on business or pleasure, there’s plenty to do around serviced apartments in Washington DC for short stays. The U.S. Capitol alone has 5 different types of guided tours, multiple exhibits and plenty more to see and do.

If you have an hour, take the 45-minute U.S. Capitol general tour. It starts off with a 15-minute video called “Out of Many, One” which explains how we came together as a nation to govern ourselves. If you have more time, it’s highly recommended you take the Capitol Visitors Center Encounter tour to hear stories of the Capitol and Congress. These include how enslaved laborers helped build the Capitol, a little about the Dome Restoration Project, our civil rights legislation, and the Capitol Rotunda story.

You can also see our legislators at work if you take the “What’s Happening in the Chambers” tour located in the visitor’s gallery of each the House of Representatives and the Senate. For those of you that are more outdoor oriented, the Capitol Grounds tour is for you. Explore the beautiful grounds on this 50-minute tour.

After all that walking, it’s nice to know a good place to find food not too far from your serviced apartment in Washington DC. For a short stay and a quick bite, visit the Capitol Restaurant in the Visitors Center. They offer a variety of meals depending on your preferences. They even offer breakfast for those of you that were eager to visit in the morning.

Take some time to digest by visiting their gift shop for souvenirs of the Capitol or visit Exhibition Hall for a stroll through history. Featuring original documents and artifacts, touchable models, videos, computer interactives and two small theaters – all will provide an in depth look into how Congress works, further history of the Capitol and Congress as well as information on the Representatives and Senators. If you like House of Cards, you’ll like walking through Exhibition Hall.

Stop by the Library of Congress on your way back to your serviced apartment in Washington DC before your short stay is over. While you’re there, take the Jefferson Building Guided Tour to learn about the history, symbolic art, and architecture and the Library’s history and work. Head back outside to take a picture outside the Supreme Court for your Instagram. Then stroll on over to the U.S. Botanic Gardens for some breathtaking views of this living plant museum. You’ll have many found memories as you sit in your serviced apartment in Washington DC.